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What influenced us during the creation of World Apart?  Joe Grant, Head of Development on the game, tells us a bit about that and what we hope to achieve with World Apart.

The original concept for World Apart was known as “The Traveller”. The vision was of a wizard who used magic to open portals to new worlds and explored them to retrieve special objects. After some initial prototyping, looking at spell casting in VR etc, we decided to move away from this and do a more SciFi concept (don’t worry, we will revisit the fantasy genre in the future).

Next up we started to think about what aesthetic we wanted to deliver. This was around the time of the new Blade Runner movie and that started to influence our thinking. Looking at the work of Syd Mead we started to collect some target imagery and then and develop our concept more. We’ve taken a lot of inspiration from 1970s and 80s “Sci-fi” and their vision of the future. TV programs like Space 1999, Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds and the like have had some influence on us, especially in our graphical tone. We’ve obviously dropped the large physical buttons you would see on computer consoles in those kind of programs but generally the color tone of the “Lab” follows what we saw when we were young on our tv screens. Story wise we are big fans of the many conspiracy theories you see and read about, that have also impacted the kind of TV we watch. The influences have been X-Files, Fringe, Flash-Forward and of course Stargate. We hope that players will see small moments in the game that gives them the feel of taking part in these sorts of TV shows. We even went as far as copying the Flash-Forward “red thread” board and using it as a core piece for our story development.

The conspiracy board from Flash Forward.

So we had a genre, we had an aesthetic and a story had begun to take form. That is where the science came in. I’m a bit of a Physics nerd and had recently been to a talk featuring Laurence Krauss, Richard Dawkins and Janna Levin. Levin is a fantastic science promoter and became the influence for one of our key characters. Some of the animations used during her talks inspired the opening sequence of the game, and general science theories like this have small influences throughout what we are doing. The in game technology we “use” to open portals to other places is based on actual scientific research. You need to use fuels, such as deuterium and tritium, to power up a fusion reactor and then use this to open portals. Once you enter a portal you act like a true scientist, conducting research. So a lot of the game play is based in reality, coupling in conspiracies to give a touch of fantasy to realism. The conspiracies we created are based on the Mandela Effect, something that Reddit provides a huge resource for us to read through. However, even by just sticking to some of the more core conspiracies around flat earth under a dome, aliens are time travelers and things like this you can find a huge amount of inspiration. Just asking ourselves a question like “where did Neanderthals go?” can open up a lot of story possibilities.

To make a long story short, World Apart is a mixture of our combined love for classic science fiction, conspiracy theories and physics. Our hope is that we can create an engaging, inspiring journey that people can relate to because of the real life touch points we are including.

World Apart is a Virtual Reality adventure, coming soon for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. Check us out on Steam, and add World Apart to your wishlist HERE.